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Isabel couldn’t wait to get back into the water bondage again, but this time her master was really going to make her work for it. You’ve got to hear how the slave is begging for water bondage sex while she gets tied up with restraints. When the master starts fucking the submissive girl’s pussy with his bdsm machine, that is when he turns on the high-power water. All the force is directed right at the girl’s snatch and causing streams of water mixed with cunt juice to splash her face. The cumming doesn’t last too long- master gets his slave into the dunking pool next.

Busty Asian babe in water bondage

September 22nd, 2016


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The Asian slave made a mistake of cumming on the bed covers. Her master couldn’t let his slave girl or the bed remain dirty, so he got out his hose for some water bondage. To teach the submissive girl a lesson about orgasms and mental fucking, he tied her up at all fours and even restrained the slave’s head using her own long black hair. The Asian slave can’t stop cumming during the water bondage sex, though the water washes away all her juices as quickly as they gush from her cunt. Even when the slave is exhausted from the bdsm treatment, the master doesn’t stop. Download this extreme bondage video at Water Bondage!


In this position, Alexa couldn’t more vulnerable to the water bondage spray down she is going to get. The tied up girl knows exactly what is coming and she squirms in her tight restraints. When the master puts a vibrator on her swollen clit, you can’t tell whether the intensified squirming is from the toy or from fear. The master removes the ball gag from the girl’s mouth before he begins the water bondage sex. He wants to hear how she cums. The hard spray is directed right at her pussy and blasts until the slave can’t help but to repeatedly orgasm.


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Extreme water bondage torture

August 13th, 2016


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Little Suzi has been turned into a human ladder with bamboo and rope bondage, gotten stuffed with bdsm toys, and now is about to reach her limits. Master is introducing his slave girl to water bondage sex, which is guaranteed to make the submissive girl climax. She is tied up and the hose directed full force at her slender body. Suzi’s eyes light up in terror before the water bondage sex starts, but is helpless to do anything. Since the master enjoyed listening to the slave’s gargling screams during her water bondage session, he continues it by dunking her in a pool.


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This slave has become increasingly tolerant of her bondage punishments so Master decides to try water bondage on the girl. She doesn’t know what is coming when her keeper ties her up with restraints. Already, her pussy is wet but soon it is going to be drenched from the hard water bondage sex. The master makes sure that the girl’s legs are tied open before sending the blast of powerful water against her. The girl swallows mouthfuls of water while she struggles to breath in the midst of an orgasm. She is having plenty of time to practice breathing control though, because the water bondage hasn’t ended. See this hot video at WaterBondage!


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It was such a nice day that Master decided to take his pet outside for some fun water bondage. Whether the slave girl is having fun is disputable, though her little pussy keeps cumming with fearful joy. The master comes up with many new ways to use rope bondage and tie up the submissive girl so her legs are open and puffy pussy vulnerably sticking out. Once that hose gets fired on the pet, her snatch is getting fucked hard with water bondage sex. The girl then gets a nice water bdsm dunking where she must practice her breathing control.


By now, Julianna has endured some of the most intense bondage that her master could inflict. He has the girl tied up and his hand stuck up her pussy when he gets an idea. That pussy is so nice when it is wet that he will perform water bondage sex and make the snatch really get drenches. The slave is tied up but not restrained when the water bondage starts, so she rolls all around squirming in joyful agony. With water bondage, there is no need for blindfolds because the water is squirting into the slave’s eyes. The submissive girl has no idea what is cumming next. Here you can watch the full water bondage movie.


It looks like this slave girl needs some more treatment. To painfully tease the submissive girl with water bondage, the master first puts a plastic bag over her face. The girl is already struggling to breathe and hyperventilating in panic. When the water turns on and starts spraying her face, the girl feels just like she is drowning a slow death. Master turns the hose onto the slave’s pussy; this way she can get fucked with water bondage sex and orgasm while feeling as though she’s dying. The girl gets so overwhelmed by the water that even going in the bathtub is torture.

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This session of water bondage sex is one of the most intense bdsm scenes ever done. As tough and obedient as this slave girl is, her mind must be truly strong to hold up against water bondage. She is primed for the blast of waters with spanking, flogging and tight restraints. Then, the real session of pleasurable torture begins. With the water bondage hose aimed against her cunt, the slave must cum with her mouth closed or deal with gagging on mouthfuls of water. The breathing control is really put to the test when she is tortured while submerged completely in a tub. Check out this intense water bdsm scene at Water Bondage!


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Nasty slave spiders need to be whisked away with a burst of water bondage. However, it looks like this slave girl isn’t going anywhere yet because she is tied up with restraints to her metal web. The water hoses keep blasting away as she screams for mercy, but the slave has no choice but to endure the torture of water bondage sex. Master decides to take the problem into his own capable hands and puts the submissive girl into a tank reserved for arachnid like her. Tied up, the girl is stuck while the water level in the tank gets higher and higher. Join Water Bondage to see this hot water bdsm action!

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